Ready to turn your Spiritual Sensitivity​ into your SUPER POWER?


Hi! I'm Molly.

I'm the founder of the Empowered Wisdom School, and I'm so glad you're here!

As a Master Intuitive, Medium and Practical Spirituality Teacher, I’ve been devoted to developing and using my gifts in service to others since 1993.

And as a professional in the field of spiritual wellness, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people find clarity in every area of life. In that time, I've noticed over and over again just how important spiritual awareness is for anyone wishing to live peacefully, joyfully and powerfully from the inside out.

That's why I followed the call to create a modern wisdom school that speaks to the awakening spiritual being in you.

My flagship course, The Empowered Wisdom Program, is a comprehensive, eye-opening and rejuvenating spiritual self-development journey.

It's designed to help you embrace your deepest sense of personal power and connect to inner peace no matter what you're dealing with.

Keep reading to learn more...



Tired of feeling indecisive and out of sync with your inner self?

I was too... Until I learned to embrace my intuition, innate wisdom and spiritual gifts and use them as my primary tool for peaceful and empowered living. Watch the video for a quick introduction to why I love being of service to your Spirit


As a spiritually sensitive soul, I imagine you wish to:

To trust your inner wisdom, no matter what...
To make more powerful life decisions from your spiritual center...
To use your intuition and spiritual gifts "correctly"...
To be able to accurately read and heal energy for yourself and those you love...
To stay congruent with your true self while also staying clear of energy that doesn't belong to you...

I get it. I really, really get it.


And I also know that when we set out to take new steps on the wisdom path, the only way to find the clarity and confidence we seek is by reaching out to someone who has been there and understands the challenges we face as sensitive beings in a world that doesn't always honor such sensitivity.

"​I found Molly through a random Facebook post a year ago. But now I understand these things are never just random. My life was headed in a new direction, which felt right, but the change gave me pause. The tools I’ve learned from Molly have helped me understand and navigate it. If you’re reading this then you might be receiving a 'random' message too, and I encourage you to find out what that is! Molly can help you do that. Her gifts will help you find your gifts!"

Maggie, FL

"​"When my life was moving into a negative phase last year, it felt like my intuition had been eclipsed. I struggled to trust that everything was going to work out and that I could handle the challenges that were coming my way. By taking Molly's Empowered Wisdom Program and receiving her wise and compassionate perspective one-on-one, I reconnected with my inner spirit. I've shifted into a positive outlook and so many good things are happening. I'm so grateful for this program and look forward to the next one. Thank you, Molly!""

S.H., Florida


-Have unshakable faith in your intuition and spiritual gifts.

-Tell difference between your thoughts, fears and intuition

-Have access to inner peace and clarity, no matter what.​

-Have a positive impact on your world instead of it having a negative effect on you.

-Awaken and embrace your deepest personal power.

-Read and clear energy.

-Create your own life story from the inside out.


Don't let "LIFE" get in the way of your inner clarity and spiritual self care...

It is your life, after all. And if you don't take care of it, who will?

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